KCzak's Rules to remember
So yeah...I think I've been playing long enough now to share my wisdom with everyone.  And this format is alot easier than ingame chat.  Take this for what it is, just another guy's opinion.

Rule #1 - Trust no one....NO ONE...Not anyone, nada, zero, ninguem.  Not to be mean, just keeping it real.
Rule #2 - Don't reveal your location. Asking who's in Clem is a great way to get shot, or "Whoever is in Clem, don't kill me." 
Rule #3 - Watch the ingame chat to learn who's killing folks and who's not.
Rule #4 - Play your game, and let others play theirs.  Some people just want to kill, get over it.
Rule #5 - Have fun

That's it.  KC's 5 simple rules to playing.  Actual game play, not housekeeping.  It should not need to be said about being toxic, etc..

Now, to expand on some of these.

Rule 1, I trust plenty of players, and at different levels of trust.  I trust some with the keys to my base (Kat, WW), others, I trust what they say they'll do.  BP said he'd kill me if he had the opportunity, but we're still friends, i get it, it's a game.  Wreckr is always looking to kill, but if he says he won't, I trust he won't, cause he'll let me know when it's on again.  I've seen that personally.  Be careful who you invite into your clan, or who you ask to be in theirs.  Most experienced players won't even entertain the idea of a noobie joining their clan.  you need to prove yourself first.  I've seen plenty of clan hopping/booting because folks were careless with the base, or didn't pull their weight with supply gathering. Remember, when you are in a Clan, your actions represent that Clan.  "Wanna Team" shouldn't be the first words out of your mouth when you meet someone on the road.

Rule 2, Just common situational awareness.  Remember the ingame chat is pubic.  So even quiet players can see when you tell someone to meet you at a specific place.  I remember once Hellz was running his mouth down by the lake one day at me, and Happkillmore just walked up and killed him, he was tired of hearing his mouth.  Many Clans have codenames for specific places on the map, never reveal the location of your base in public chat.  Thats just asking for a raid.

Rule 3, Ingame chat is great for seeing who's running around killing, and if folks are not adhering to rule 2, you know where the killing is taking place.  It's also a great place to learn, lots of advice is given out there, and this is where you get know people.  Listen to the "old timers" those of us who've been around the Survius Block a few times. 

Rule 4, It's a game.  You will get wronged (expect it), people will betray you, people will kill you for no reason, people will loot your base if your leave the door open,it's a survival game.  Take these opportunities to improve your game.  Best way to stop dying is to stop putting yourself in situations where people can kill you.  Rule 1,2.

Rule 5, Have fun.  If you're not having fun, your'e doing it wrong.  Everyone's idea of fun in Survius is different (Rule 4).  Some just want to kill, some just build huge bases, some just want to see the day ticker go up.  Try different servers that match your gameplay.  US1 is the king daddy, if you don't want to die, don't play there...on the otherhand, if you want to kill, play US1...

That's it guys, just some rambling from your old gramps...take it for what it's worth..

nice Smile
You nailed it. Nice job!
(01-28-2017, 06:36 PM)chaozz Wrote: You nailed it. Nice job!

tks...feel free to promote me....lol Big Grin
Kczak, just perfect! Smile One advice and remark that newbies need more guidance where they can read rules and tutorials.. Smile
i help always new people when i can Wink
I have not been playing as long as some people but from my personal experience this is 100%. Awesome kczak.
Perfect. All new players should absorb this wisdom and use it for their good.
Awesome job there Kc, Words to live by..

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