Toxic players - Closed
Your account: narcato

Their name(s): SprSAYAJIN Manhattan

Server(s): SA1

Specific Rule(s) Broken: Verbal Abuse

Re-count of situation/description:  those players were  angry because i shot a friend of them "Bladesp" but i was trying to help that guy and then he shot me, so i decide to take my things back. Then those players join one after each other to "fight". When they log and hunt me, they insult for no reason. It's a game we cant talk and shot right? but it's necessary to insult? So... from one of this "fights" i tell one of them "Can't you just talk? you're something like a monkey" (cause he was just insulting) and here they threatened to report me.


Date & Time (when it happened): ‏‎‎
04‎ de ‎january de ‎2020 10:14:17 p.m. (Manhattan) ‎05‎ de ‎enero‎ de ‎2020 05:05:43 p.m. (SprSAYAJIN) utc -3

Evidence: Manhattan SprSAYAJIN Manhattan

Additional information: I like to help new users and yeah maybe it's my fault but i wan't this game to grown up. Don't think it's necessary this kind of people that "hunt" new users and insult. If they were just killing news i would just help them that's all. But they are actually insulting for no reason.  Also if i should get banned for use that word on portugues that they hate "macaco" then they would get banned also for just saying "boludo" and that makes no sense. I also don't have proof of SprSAYAJIN calling me "filho da puta" but he did, so keep this in mind to the future.

Other Comments: I never start "this" to none of them. they'd just come one behind other insulting and calling me racist.
Thank you for your report!

Currently, the admins are looking into it. Please give it less than 24 hours.

Thread Closed, Status changed into Pending
Re-opened for response by a reported party
Hey guys,

First of all, and most importantly, I NEVER meant to say that message in the bottom of the chatbox in the first screenshot provided against me by that guy.

I've befriended many Brazilian players over the years in this game, I have the utmost respect for them and "Bladesp" is one of them aswell!

I enjoy fighting Brazilians and most of them really make great opponents not just for their in-game experience, but also for their self-respect and decent personality. We also sometimes talk trash to each other as a part of the game. Ex: I call Jhunnyor a "Noob Brazilian", he calls me a "Noob Egyptian" and we just laugh about it.

No hate/offence ever intended by me in any way to the respectful Brazilian people, and if any Brazilian person felt offended by me in any way, then I sincerely apologize for any harm that I might have caused to any one of them.

Second, regarding the other trash talk in the screenshots provided against me, you must understand that I'm not actually obsessed/hateful towards a player to that point, however, this is just some game trash talk between players for the sake of competition nothing more.

In case you're that sensitive to feel offended by it, then you, my friend, can go f.. fish! You can go fish. Smile

Finally, I don't really care if I get permanently banned, however, I do not accept to be a racist kind of guy SPECIALLY to the great Brazilian people.

Neymar sucks.
And closed again
After consideration we've decided that this exchange doesn't necessarily rise to the level of harassment or overly abusive language, but would advise for everyone involved to be mindful of their language in the future to keep it that way and try to avoid prolonging arguments and insults to a point that it creates an unnecessarily toxic environment, in which case further action could be taken. It seems like you were all engaged in mutual disrespect to each other while in pvp, which doesn't necessarily break the rules as long as it doesn't include personal insults that involve racist, homophobic or sexual comments about other players or other abusive language, and as long as it doesn't become a pattern of prolonged harassment. (I would also avoid calling people monkeys in the future, because it has racial undertones for many people, even if it isn't intended that way.)

We'd also advise that in the future you to try not engaging with those insulting you, remain respectful, and report anyone who continues to insult/harass you, in which case we'll issue a formal warning and take other action as necessary if the behavior continues.

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