After my ban has been removed, I play again and my game is very bad, I'm disappointed, my house needs to be repaired all the time, a damn Brazilian toxic flame (Jhunnyor) is taking advantage of  bugs to kill me and steal, he offends me and offends my friends, he is a kind of game that discourages us from saying things that mess with our psychologist, he always knows where we are on the map, he appears like magic, kills and then logs off his account ... My game is crashing and lag is hard HELP SA1

this idiot of Jhunnyor also offended Gucy player, killed him through bugs and destroyed his house because he killed him with the door open
Jhunnyor server player SA1 has the amazing ability to log in, appear where he has other players, he kills and logs off, it's instant, looks like a hack, investigate this asshole
He also offended me by saying things about my name!
I'm puzzled, a person has to be very bad character to be able to say things he said to me, the player Jhunnyor is a toxic player who has no cure! because he has bad and harmful personality, I refuse to play with that shit. I'm sorry for the appeal, I'm 23 years old and would not let a child of mine play a game that has a game that makes offenses that mess with the psychological, that's too much for me!

he had the ability to tell me to call "my hack" to kill him, because I was banned by Speedhack a few days ago, but that doesn't give him that righ
1 ° I do not use dirty words in the game, so I am not "toxic"

2 ° I started killing you and your friend "guty" when you threatened me and said you would shoot me.

3 ° I am not a hacker so I do not use hackers.

4 ° before saying that I appear everywhere tell me if you already left "clemenster" ... I believe not, because it is easier to find you.

5 ° never make a complaint without first having some "proof" "evidence" to prove it.

6 ° close your base, put walls in it and a "ceiling" so it doesn't get wet in the rain ha ha ha ...

7 ° never threaten a player since you can still shoot.

8th I'm playing on a laptop and I'm not using a mouse but I still kill you all haha

by: "jhunnyor the noob"
Jhunnyor, as far as I know him doesn't seem to be hacking anymore. he used to in the past, in fact there is a video of him noclipping into someone's base just to kill them.

He is an old player and knows his way around the game and I also think he's good at hiding and sneaking. He also knows a lot about the game's bugs.

Other than that, he spends his time killing new players and camping spawns but in US1 he keeps dying (mostly to me) so he has to do that in SA1.   Big Grin

my advice to you Satanais, try to learn the game, hopefully you can find someone kind enough to teach you all you need to know about pvp and then try to get better. play smarter and don't stress it too much.
I haven't seen a teleportation hack in this game so if you think somebody's using one get it on video. More likely they log out after fights because they're bleeding or to return to their spawn point which is probably near your base.

If you're near Clemester or Craftfield it's almost certain pkers will find you because that's where they spend their time since nearly all players go there and most build their bases there.
Play nice boys

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