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Almost forgot one of those crazy random ideas that pop up while chopping wood or running the whole map, (gonna guess it's the last one Tongue )

How about lightning kills? I mean I don't need fancy graphics and animations, just a white strobe, a loud sound and a random player if not under roof dies from lightning during the rain?
It would be nice if admin accounts could have the ping limit removed so that we're able to monitor and help out on all servers. Or maybe you could consider raising the ping limit to 280-300 so that more players could interact with each other (if that wouldn't effect the game much and people want it)? I've met Asian players who'd like to be able to play on EU because it's pretty rare to find other people playing on the AS server, but their ping is slightly too high to do so, and it's difficult to interact with them much because I usually get kicked from the AS server within a couple minutes.
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(04-02-2019, 12:16 PM)CannibalHero Wrote: It would be nice if admin accounts could have the ping limit removed ......

CannibalHero nice one, thanks
Make doors, walls, etc. NOT update their state (open, repaired, etc.) when the client interacts with them, but have the client wait for the server to send back the updated state. This might be done already, but it sure doesn't seem like it is.

This would allow players to visually see their door didn't actually shut when they closed it without needing to log off to update it, same for wall repairing, wall building, and other things.

There have been plenty of issues in the past of players walking through what looks like closed doors, but the door is only closed client side because the packet was lost. This would be slower, so a buffer of 1 second to do the action again wouldn't be a bad idea (pretty sure it's already there).
I think it's important to implement the sound control of player soon, because if we're testing rain it's a bit annoying so much sound or having to mute the computer.
A few more suggestions/ideas:

- More variety of objects on the map, like oddly-shaped trees, rocks, boulders, maybe some broken or burnt structures. The world still feels a bit barren, I think there isn't enough variety of objects yet and you can pretty much see any player within your field of view in most areas of the map because there isn't much cover. 

- The ability to craft torches and maybe place them on walls or into the ground around the map for light or signaling. A flare gun would also be cool.

- Roving zombies. Right now they spawn only in the direction that a player is facing close to players, but maybe 1-2 zombies out of every 6-7 that a player spawns could spawn in a random location on the map, or maybe random zombies that aren't linked to player activity. This would add a sense that the world was a bit more occupied and dangerous if there were already zombies wandering around forests and towns before you arrive there, and disguise where a player is/might have been. Maybe even have some of them running around before a player even comes near them, or spawning in a random spot with a much larger detection radius so they immediately run towards whichever player happens to be closest to them and making noise.

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