Version 0.12.3 Bugs
Please post/report any Bugs here or in the ticket system

Current Bugs:

[Image: guSyosL.png]

Report: Ticket System
Rain bugs:
- Rain leaks through some buildings. Might need to set the spawn a bit higher
- Rain doesnt stop or change unless you relog. Seems like the particle system is not being updated/removed. I think photon has specific commands for removal of prefabs different from the standard unity commands.
- Skybox changes when players log in/out. It doesnt seem to be acting as a local change.
- Stronger storm is extremely loud and doesnt let hear any other game sounds
- Rain toggle switch doesn't work
I cant put my sleepbag on the ground..
when u harvest a deer u only have the raw meat but no cloth
(12-18-2018, 09:37 PM)Chola Wrote: I cant put my sleepbag on the ground..

This is by design. Sleeping bags can only be out on base foundations
Zimmi1010 are you sure it didn't just blend in with the ground. I harvest deer and get two meat and one cloth... Make sure to mouse over the ground to see if the E pops to pick it up.
i look everywhere nothing found
(12-19-2018, 01:10 AM)zimmi1010 Wrote: quando vc colhe um cervo vc só tem carne crua mas não tem pano

você precisa ter pelo menos 3 espaço vazio na mochila para poder levar 2 carnes + 1 pano ... se você só tem 2 lugares na mochila você só vai pegar 2 carnes ...
english plz
-it keeps raining even though i disabled it  Huh
-sometimes my screen keeps getting that "damage warning" (getting red) even thought i'm not bleeding, sick, thirsty, hungry, whatever. (maybe its not a bug and i'm just noob Sad )

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