Some thoughts...

I'm playing this game again, I can not forget it XD

However, I would like it to return the feature of being able to recover some woods from the walls, crates, etc. that we break.

Moreover, personally i prefer the previous bushes/plants, since the current ones give me lag when approaching them, also I would like that the game generate some fixed zombies in the villages/farms/plane/etc., as before, since most of the time there is no challenge when looting, after all, it is a zombie apocalipsys.

Well, that's all for now!  Tongue
Welcome back bro!!!!
Ty neegan! I hope to see you someday in game! I wish to admire your current work! Smile
Go to us2 by the church and check out the arena!!
Well i agree with all that, specially the material recovery feature we used to have when we destroy objects.

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