Binoculars, Compass, time watch and more...
1. Binoculars is very useful equipment in most survival games. Binoculars is usually used for hunting, scouting or maybe just for view the good panorama on the map.
2. Compass is one of the most asked item but I hope this equipment added in the next update. Compass is used to find a direction.
3. Time Watch maybe seems useless but it can be useful for managing our time. So with this item we wisely managing our time to avoid being exploring in the midnight that can be very dangerous before we can find a safe shelter.
4. Road flare usually used to send a distress signal.
5. Headlamp can be used to night patrol or fighting zombies in night.
6. Some Edible plants that randomly spawned but can't be planted by players like berries or edible mushroom.

These items could help us to survive much longer.
To get it out of the way, 1-4 have been suggested before, and I think the other two may have been as well.

I can see the binoculars, compass, and flares going in the flashlight slot.

Binoculars have been discussed, I think one idea for how they would work is zooming like the middle mouse button, but just zooming further. I like the idea of them in the game, it would add some more strategy when traveling since players can see you more easily.

Compass, while it wouldn't actually be that useful for long time players, new players could get some use out of it while they learn the map.

Wrist watches would be nice, that way you know when to get to the loot spawns, when to eat or drink, etc.. Time management would definitely be a nice addition to the game.

Flares have been discussed, and they would be fun for signalling your friends, telling each other where things are, etc..

Flashlights you can use with something else? I'm down lol

Spawnable plants would be neat. Would they spawn randomly in the whole world, or near players? Interesting idea either way.

All of the ideas have my vote, they would either not change the game, or they would change it for the better, so why not?
All very good and survival targeted ideas. I like it.

Like mentioned, binoculars have been discussed before. As have compasses.
I would like to add the idea of a lightmount (or how thats called) its an item, that together with the flaslight and the gun, could be crafted into an attached flashlight settling the flashlight slot free for the other tools; yet the light of the mounted flashlight will aim on the direction of the gun; if running barely light forward, normal walking would move back and forth, and aiming walking with keep a forward light.

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