Huts 2.0
Updated, more precise.
Red are hunterblinds, I call them huts.
Purple are deer spawns, to be updated.

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Great. All points are correct. This will help enough beginner players to find hunting items (CrossBow, Arrow, Hunting Knife, Tent). Congratulations.
Yeah I double checked all spots by myself. In a hunterblind (hut ) you can expect to find :
Thanks I hope new player check the forum, there's alot of good info here.
Are huts those small places with stairs? if not, how do they look like? i went to a hut spot and found nothing inside, was the only one in da server for like an hour, how much time does it take for stuff to respawn?
Yes, the small huts with stairs are what to look for. They don't always have loot and sometimes get looted before you can get to them. Everything respawns in the morning.
Yeah, little towers with stairs, i think items spawn rate has been lowered so i might be wrong to say that they spawn every in-game day, but i think they should.
Items respawn every day; that doesn't mean that a location will get items, however.
are all huts not guaranteed to have items? and since there are 7 huts, how many do you think out of 'em will get items? and how many mins/hours is an ig day/night
BlackPaladin can give you a better answer, but I used to get 3-4 out of the 7 having loot. I also went around the second the loot spawned to get as much as I could before anyone else (having a base near 3 of them helped).
thanks for the great info. I ignored the existence of at least two of those huts... For those who say the map is small.. Tongue

btw, when are we having some huts in island 2? (at least one). Im thinking in moving around there but its a long trip for any exCiting loot.

I might work on an interactive map to add to the wiki where people can add useful game info like this or loot found in different places, zombie spawns, airdrop landings, etc. In my ToDo list after holydays and after building a brand new base..

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