Support the game - Customize your character!
During this alpha everyone is free to play Survius. However, developing a game like this is not free. Certain assets have to be bought, servers have to be rented etc.
To keep the game free I am asking for donations to help finance the development process.

You get rewarded for your donation! If you donate 5 euros or more you get the option to customize your player character. Below are just a few examples:


How can I donate?
You can donate by sending your donation to, or choose to pay when you download the game from After you donate, please send me a private message on this forum or mail me at to inform me of your donation. This way I can credit the correct account for the donation.

Here is a list of people that supported the project - Survius Heroes:

**Please note that a donation is not the same as a purchase. You're not purchasing a copy of the game, so donating doesn't give you more rights to support or refunds.**

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