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Version 0.12.3 Bugs - Mohenjo Daro - 12-11-2018

Please post/report any Bugs here or in the ticket system

Current Bugs:

[Image: guSyosL.png]

Report: Ticket System

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - TheRoam - 12-18-2018

Rain bugs:
- Rain leaks through some buildings. Might need to set the spawn a bit higher
- Rain doesnt stop or change unless you relog. Seems like the particle system is not being updated/removed. I think photon has specific commands for removal of prefabs different from the standard unity commands.
- Skybox changes when players log in/out. It doesnt seem to be acting as a local change.
- Stronger storm is extremely loud and doesnt let hear any other game sounds
- Rain toggle switch doesn't work

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - Chola - 12-18-2018

I cant put my sleepbag on the ground..

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - zimmi1010 - 12-19-2018

when u harvest a deer u only have the raw meat but no cloth

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - DarkCoder - 12-19-2018

(12-18-2018, 09:37 PM)Chola Wrote: I cant put my sleepbag on the ground..

This is by design. Sleeping bags can only be out on base foundations

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - WhiteWolf - 12-19-2018

Zimmi1010 are you sure it didn't just blend in with the ground. I harvest deer and get two meat and one cloth... Make sure to mouse over the ground to see if the E pops to pick it up.

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - zimmi1010 - 12-19-2018

i look everywhere nothing found

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - jhonny_kratos - 12-20-2018

(12-19-2018, 01:10 AM)zimmi1010 Wrote: quando vc colhe um cervo vc só tem carne crua mas não tem pano

você precisa ter pelo menos 3 espaço vazio na mochila para poder levar 2 carnes + 1 pano ... se você só tem 2 lugares na mochila você só vai pegar 2 carnes ...

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - zimmi1010 - 12-21-2018

english plz

RE: Version 0.12.3 Bugs - momozaki - 12-22-2018

-it keeps raining even though i disabled it  Huh
-sometimes my screen keeps getting that "damage warning" (getting red) even thought i'm not bleeding, sick, thirsty, hungry, whatever. (maybe its not a bug and i'm just noob Sad )