Version 0.8.4

This update should fix the loot problems. Sorry it took so long, and sorry if some reported bugs have not been fixed. I’m a bit busy with other stuff at the moment. changelog: loot issues fixed invisible loot fixed when building an item is blocked, a more descriptive error is given a lot of tweaks…

Version 0.8.3

Just a few bugfixes. One major one that allowed players to dupe items that got reported to me via Facebook (thank you CL!). Changelog: destroy item code fixed non player radius on dead deer fixed you can retrieve your arrows when you shoot something again Download the game at Got comments? Post them here!

Version 0.8.2

A small bugfix in the zombie and animal pooling code. Get the game at There are 19 comments in our discussion thread.

Version 0.8.1

Version 0.8.0 had a few major changes in how the loot is handled by the game. And with huge changes, inevitably also come bugs. The bugs in 0.8.0 however were so severe I decided to take it down and work on fixing what was broken. I rewrote the entire backend of the game. I also…

Down for today

I took the game down for today. I’ll be working on fixing the building and loot problems. As soon as I got that fixed I’ll upload the updated version. Sorry for the mess. There are 22 comments in our discussion thread.

Version 0.8.0

This version changes how loot is handled. No longer does every bit of loot has to be synced over the network. This hopefully fixes a lot of the lag people were getting. A lot has changed in the code. I tried testing everything, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t test every detail. So please report…

Sorry for the delay

I am dedicated to addressing the lag people experience when a player leaves the server. The upcoming version has a lot of changes internally. So much even, I kinda underestimated it a bit.. Without getting too technical; First I changed the backend, so the database and PHP-scripts. Then I moved on to the game itself….

Version 0.7.9

This version fixes a few bugs and tries to fix lag on host switches. Changelog: Tiny hangars are no longer tiny Destroyable objects no longer reappear after logging out/in Some tweaks to the freelook camera to prevent it getting stuck during consuming of items Spawning of items has been changed, which hopefully reduces lag when…

Version 0.7.8

A quick fix release. Changelog: You can destroy your own items again with an axe Death messages work again Inventory no longer bugs out on empty spots Doors widened on the hangar so players can pass through Download the game at There are 12 comments in our discussion thread.

Version 0.7.7

This new version fixes a few old bugs that have been around for too long, mainly the ones related to storage containers and campfires. It also introduces a brand spanking new feature: free look! See how that works in the video below: Here’s the changelog: Free look added! You can now¬†build when another player is…