Survius is an open world, multiplayer, zombie survival game.

Roam the deserted island and claim whatever you desire. Land, loot, friends or bodies, it's all yours for the taking.

Find and choose a playstyle that fits your preferences. Be a humble farmer, a ruthless bounty hunter, or anything in between.

Roam the open world map, exploring towns, hovels, mountains, and lakes.

Claim whatever land and loot you find.

Whether you find a place to call home, or call the whole island your home. The choice is yours.


You are not alone on this island, and it will be up to you to decide whether you help or hinder your fellow man.

Form clans and alliances. Or go another route, and spark conflict to come out on top.

Who will you trust? Who will to trust you? Many or few, it's your decision to make.


Zombies aren't the only threat here.

While some animals may be gentle or fear you, other are a far bigger threat than the undead.

Will you bring home a meal, or be the meal yourself?