Design a t-shirt
Just making the arms transparent can have weird effects  also some models have no underbody to help with rigging and things. As stated the location of the colours are directly  linked to the verts of the model and the placement is depent on how the model is unwraped and what edges are marked as seams, it can be important to have a very well seamed and unwrapped model if your planing to edit them in something like gimp other than that I've never found it that important to get 100% right. Th trying and playing around will give better idea what's you can and can't do
Fully transparent skin should give an invisible character but as for a 1st person view the camera will still be placed in 3rd person so will be off abit
Maybe a nice idea to do something more with the jeans..? will try to do some designs in the next few days
ok had little time but messed around with the pants a bit... It doesnt fit my liking yet i guess

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(07-05-2017, 11:55 PM)roman_hg Wrote: i was wondering if we can go further on this.. if I assume that there is an independent texture for the clothes, there might be an independent texture for the skin? and so, if we make parts of the clothes transparent will we see the body behind?

if that's true maybe it's possible to develop some sleeveless shirts and maybe shorts too?? I guessed that what I deleted in the attached images are the sleeves and the bit of the trousers under the knee... but it's just a guess to try and see if this makes sense.

Sorry for late reply but i remembered that i had this it should help with showing what textures are for what and to give better understanding how the character is made The survpart guy is how he's is the other one is one i joined up but once joined the textures mess up, the textures are .dds but can view in unity or visual studio

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