Rainwater harvesting
It was brought up here to have a weather system with rain and being able to catch rainwater.

Rainwater harvesting is basically this
[Image: rain-barrel-for-garden.jpg]

But obviously you can collect rainwater in 100 ways and route it in another 100 ways to 100 different storage systems. So the idea of this thread is to show some examples, get some more ideas and see what would suit the game better.

New foundation upgrade
I think the easiest is to link rainwater collection to bases. There could be a new type of foundation upgrade which makes the roof inverted towards the centre where there is an orifice and water would be collected in a barrel below (inside the base). Something like this:
[Image: p036b.GIF]
This is the safest solution as it's inside the base and there is no chance of being attacked or robbed. As it might be too much advantage, I would make this system produce little water.

Portable systems - catcher
We could have a reduced version of this that you can craft and place anywhere. Something like
[Image: 11876101-59-inch-rainsaucer-on-32-gallon-barrel.jpg]
You could have these in open spaces, even inside a base without a roof over it, which makes them accessible and destroyable by others. I guess this brings more excitement and a counterpart to free water.

Portable systems - pond
A simple way thought by Mohenjo_Daro where you would create a small pond in the ground by raising some soil in circle shape. Something like
[Image: IMG_2393.png]
This is like the catcher but limited to be in the ground, making it more accessible and prone to sabotage.

These are options we've come up with for the moment so lets grab some more ideas and comments and hopefully come up with something that can be modelled and added to the game (when rain is implemented of course)
I vote for the catcher. It's what I had in mind as well and makes sense for the current game setup.
It has my vote...
We could also have multiple rain catchers in the game. Each requires different materials/tools to craft, areas it can be placed, and pros and cons.

Foundation Upgrade:
- Takes a lot more resources
- Can only be placed in a base
- Can't have anything built above it
- Players can destroy it

Portable System:
- Takes less resources than the foundation, but more than the "pond"
- Can be placed anywhere (doesn't collect water if something is above it)
- Players can easily destroy these if they're not in a base

Pond System:
- Only takes a pickax and tent/tarp (very little resources)
- Can only be placed outside
- Easy to steal (Pressing E or U plays an action to take the tent/tarp)

Since these all need direct access to the sky (nothing above them), players can get to them and destroy them. They can use log ladders to get over walls, and drop down to destroy the catcher.

The only way some of these will be safe is if they're in a base, and a foundation is built over them when not in use.

They're risky to use, but providing clean water when raining is pretty worth it. It would also be interesting to see if players destroy catchers in the open or not.

I'd prefer multiple rain catchers, that way more players have the ability to make them. Once you have a canteen, water isn't overly hard to get, and these only provide water some of the time. Of course making a lot of portable rain catchers will make your stock pile go up, but the other designs aren't easy to use to store a lot of water safely.

Allowing new players who find a tent and pickax, or a tent and metal and build a rain catcher would be nice, and it would change their game play rather than mainly the gameplay of long time players.
oh ok, this is EPIC
Seems interesting but we need a raining system in the game for this to function realistically  Confused
only rain is easy Smile
As roman said, rain is very easy to add (he was testing how easy it is).

Rain is pointless/only visual without their being another mechanic for it. That's why the thread was made: so we can discuss the mechanic more, that way it'll be ready when the rain is added.

Models take longer to make than rain takes to add Wink

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