In Game Rules
This game has a few basic rules. Failing to comply to them can result in a warning, kick or ban depending on the offense.

The following offenses will result in a kick:
  • Abusive/Excessive language in game-chat or forums
  • Harassment in game-chat or forums
  • Ignoring staff directions

The following offenses will result in a ban:
  • Hacking
  • Abusing bugs/glitches (please report bugs, help the game)
  • Botting, macro's
  • Racist behavior in game-chat or forums

Henceforth, there are some offences that will get you banned if you continually persist (overly a longer period of time [eg. a month]):
  • Harassment in game-chat or forums.

Other mods and admins are free to add to this list as they feel necessary.
Removed "Targeting a single player" from the list and cleaned the thread.

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